11/01/22: Conor Halbleib Takes Rep. AOC’s ‘Courage to Change’ Policy Pledge


My plan for Congress, Kentucky and all Americans

Health Care for All Americans!!

I’m continually puzzled how my opponent, who has represented the 5th district of Kentucky for over 40 years, can face hard-working Kentuckians with a straight face as he continues to work hard to prevent health care coverage for all Kentuckians!

Let’s build a health care system that Americans have always deserved!
• Provide universal health care coverage
• Rein in overall health care expenses
• Support dental and vision care
• Provide access for mental health and behavioral health care
• Provide substance use disorder treatments with long-term services and support
• Provide substance use medication-assisted treatment
• Encourage access to preventive testing and treatments

But let’s not stop there…
• Increase health care sector training, jobs and careers
• Double investments in Community Health Centers
• Increase support for Mobile Health Clinics
• Ensure that health care facilities are accessible to people with disabilities
• Expand the National Health Service Corps and Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program to address critical shortages of health care providers in medically underserved areas.

Too many Americans struggle to afford life-saving prescription drugs

No American should find themselves foregoing or rationing medications because they can’t afford to pay. Remember taxpayer money underwrites research in the development of the majority of prescription drugs!

• Reduce prescription drug prices, premiums, and out-of-pocket costs
• Ensure that all necessary medications are covered.
• Negotiate prescription drug prices for all
• Suppress anti-competitive efforts to manipulate the patent system
• Suppress collusion on prices
• Eliminate tax breaks for prescription drug advertisements
• Prevent the price of brand-name and generic drugs from rising faster than the inflation rate

With large groups of Kentuckians in our district who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and COPD, they are faced with unimaginable choices – paying for rent and/or food – versus paying outrageous medical bills. Too many Kentuckians face insurmountable medical bills that destroy their savings, push them into bankruptcy and harshly burden their futures.
We will build a health care system that is driven by the needs of patients and the people who care for them, instead of the profit motives of corporations.