11/01/22: Conor Halbleib Takes Rep. AOC’s ‘Courage to Change’ Policy Pledge

The Issues

My Platforms

This page lists the major stances of my campaign and what I’m dedicated to focusing on when I get to Washington, DC to represent the amazing people of Eastern Kentucky.

Bold ideas on issues that affect us all

A common thread connects my position on eastern Kentucky’s most important issues: responsibility. As individuals, we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. Our government has a responsibility to ensure equality, liberty, and security. U.S. businesses have a responsibility to the workers they employ, the communities they serve, and the nation that enables them to succeed.

A Nurse taking a woman's blood pressure

Healthcare is a human right

In the wealthiest nation in the world, we can have universal healthcare through collective action that prioritizes people, enabling Americans to access the care they need.

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A Nurse taking a woman's blood pressure

Water is a matter of survival

The citizens of Martin County have endured too much for too long with their water crisis. They, like all Americans, deserve clean water, clean air, and safe land.

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A Nurse taking a woman's blood pressure

Work is a path to success

A jobs guarantee program would bring hope to people who need it most while helping America with everything from potholes to childcare.

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Support for the issues that hit home

Which issues hit home for you?

Does your family need affordable healthcare? Do your kids need better schools? Are you or your neighbors struggling to make ends meet?

The “trickle-down” policies of the GOP have failed America. It’s time for policies that give you a seat at the table and create the opportunity to pursue the life you want.

Reproductive rights

Abortion is healthcare, and author H.R. Bellicosa said it perfectly: “A country without this human right is not a free country.”


Accessing medical specialists in remote areas can be difficult. I support initiatives that are reaching the Kentuckians who need care.

A living wage

Economic inequity currently matches the pre-Great Depression era. Paying a living wage creates an economy that works for everyone.

Veteran health

Veterans should be able to access affordable care anywhere, not just at designated centers. This is a bipartisan issue.

Reliable internet access

To compete in today’s world, every child needs reliable internet access; it’s especially vital in rural areas with limited options.

Opioids and drug rehab

Opioid addiction is a multifaceted issue, but drug rehabilitation is a healthcare issue. It will not be solved in the criminal justice system.


Better schools in Kentucky start with paying our teachers better wages, so they don’t have to work two jobs to pay their bills.

Legalized marijuana

At least 19 states have fully legalized marijuana. It’s time for national legalization and a reduction in imprisonment.

Healthcare for ALL

Enough is enough

Too many Kentuckians face insurmountable medical bills that destroy their savings, push them into bankruptcy and harshly burden their futures.

We will build a health care system that is driven by the needs of patients and the people who care for them, instead of the profit motives of corporations.

Clean water for Martin County

One cannot discuss the chronic water pollution problems in southeastern Kentucky without understanding the negative on-going health impact of coal on the environment, communities, and individuals.

            As Kentuckians we don’t anticipate when we turn on the tap in our homes that we get the rush of toxic, contaminated water that we can’t use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Toxic and cancerous water for ourselves, our children, our parents, our families and our pets. Toxic cancerous water for our gardens, fields, and livestock.

            But this is the reality for many counties in southeastern Kentucky especially Martin County.

Martin County’s problems continue to expand due to antiquated water infrastructures and pipes that have frequent breaks and outages.  Water is lost and toxins leak in the water supply.  Martin County residents are asked to pay for these water improvements. As a result, they pay a larger percentage for water then other districts in Kentucky.

As one of the poorest counties in America…this is unforgiveable.

  • 35% live under the poverty level – more than twice the national average.
  • 1% of residents in Martin County earn less than $10,000 a year.
  • High unemployment rates
  • High immigration out of the county.

This is unacceptable and I will do all that it takes to bring the resources needed to address and resolve these problems. No American should have to question the health and safety of the water they and their family drink.

Job guarantee program

Let’s put Kentucky to work

What would my life be like… if I had a decent paying job, no better yet a good paying job that would allow me to quit working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet? A job that would allow me to pay my bills, save for the future and even take a well-deserved vacation with my family, this should be available to every Kentuckian.

The simple answer is there is no one simple answer.

But…there are answers!

 My plan as your U.S. Congressman to secure well-paying jobs is three pronged:

  1. Focus on Human Capital
  2. Minimize remoteness between communities
  3. Building sustainable Infrastructure

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