11/01/22: Conor Halbleib Takes Rep. AOC’s ‘Courage to Change’ Policy Pledge


My plan for Congress, Kentucky and all Americans

Human Capital

Education initiatives, from pre-kindergarten all the way through college will boost young Kentuckians in their educational pursuits. Converging affordability, availability and accessibility through a meaningful and individualized system can strengthen each individual student and their communities.

Current workers will be able to take advantage of learning new skill sets – including technology, trade and vocational skills, agriculture innovations, and more – all to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Collaboration with partners at the local, state and federal level as well as organizations who recognize the talent and work ethic that Kentuckians have will spark investment and vitalization in our area.


Minimize Remoteness

With faster streamline services to homes, government offices, educational institutions and commercial centers, creative and commercial physical remoteness can be drastically minimized. Communities may be small, and spread apart, but technology can overcome those challenges, so that the synergy that is needed to spark new development and ideas is always brewing.

American workers are now clamoring for more of a hybrid of work locations. Working from home, working at an office or plant or a combination of the two is now is the model for the future. This is an ideal solution for our communities. Physical distances will no longer be a hinderance.

There is no quick trip to anywhere in Lawrence County; even going to buy a carton of milk or visiting the post office can take twenty or thirty minutes by car – and that is for those who are fortunate enough to have reliable vehicles. For people living in poverty that can’t afford to own a car, such large distances between destinations create huge problems.


Roads! Roads! Roads! Ask any Kentuckian in our state and that is one of their first priorities. Good roads, enough roads, safe bridges, enough bridges. These are not just wants for our communities but absolute needs. Getting students, workers and doing the business of commerce back and forth between adjacent counties is often difficult and impractical. Even more disturbing is getting from one end of a county to communities within the same county is sometimes impossible. This negatively impacts business, workers and students.

Transportation in Eastern Kentucky is labored and expensive. Tax dollars are wasted on the inefficiency of a poor maintained road network that does not meet the needs of its citizens. The ability to access all communities with safe and plenty of accessible roads is vital to our economic growth.

We all saw the devastation that the rains had on our communities. This is going to continue to happen as the climate changes. Strong, dependable water system safe guards are critically needed.


Other thoughts…

There are many existing well-known companies and exciting start up companies that would be successful in Eastern Kentucky. Companies in the state and in the region basically have the same needs when contemplating setting up a company.
Factors such as…
• Geographical accessibility
• Communication capabilities
• Technology capabilities
• Land needed for construction
• Infrastructure – good roads and sound bridges
• Environmental safety in drinking water and air pollution quality
• Worker skill base
• Safe and affordable housing
• Educational excellence in local schools
• Crime and safety

When policy and business experts discuss the history that Eastern Kentucky has had in attracting diverse good well-paying jobs to the area, they recognize there are some obstacles that need to be met with innovation and thinking outside of the box. But the number 1 reason is: Pandering to the Coal Industry.
• All tax incentives aimed toward the coal industry
• Less monetary incentives for other industries
• Water pollution caused by the industry
• Air pollution caused by the industry
• Refurbishing the environment when areas have been destroyed
• Continuous mountain top removal
• Excessive road damage from heavy coal trucks
• Severe lack of investment or training of workers

I will work to implement all of these mechanisms simultaneously in bringing jobs to our region.

What would my life be like… if I had a decent paying job, no better yet a good paying job that would allow me to quit working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet? A job that would allow me to pay my bills, save for the future and even take a well-deserved vacation with my family, this should be available to every Kentuckian.

The simple answer is there is no one simple answer.
But…there are answers!

My plan as your U.S. Congressman to secure well-paying jobs is three pronged:
1. Focus on Human Capital
2. Minimize remoteness between communities
3. Building sustainable Infrastructure