11/01/22: Conor Halbleib Takes Rep. AOC’s ‘Courage to Change’ Policy Pledge


Statement regarding Supreme Court Decision on Roe v. Wade

As Kentucky’s Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress 5th District, I am outraged by the radicalized out-of-touch Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court who have erased fundamental precedent constitutional protections in striking down Roe v. Wade.

For fifty years women have been making their own personal decisions regarding their reproductive health and well-being.

Like the majority of Kentuckians and Americans, the idea that the government can now intrude into the most personal decisions a person will be faced with, is unthinkable.

Privacy in matters of family and personal autonomy will be overseen by government operatives and possibly tracked by the state.

Now state and local leaders will have the powers to decide when abortion will be permitted, if at all, and who should be prosecuted and potentially incarcerated when bans take effect.

They will also have the ability to criminalize contraceptives and other reproductive medical advances. The state will now oversee the most intimate private life-changing decisions for all women.

Girls and women will have no ability to make reproductive decisions whatever their unique circumstances. Rape and incest victims will be forced to carry to full term. All women will be affected, with the burden most harshly falling to poor and working-class girls and women.

The American Medical Association overwhelmingly supports reproductive freedom. American maternal mortality rates are already higher than the majority of industrialized nations. All evidence points to the alarming increase in maternal mortality that this dramatic ruling will cause.

I encourage you to make your voices heard and vote for me in the November 8th election. Know that I will act responsible in supporting reproductive rights for all Kentuckians.


-Conor Isaacs Halbleib